CILB Receives $49,000 to Help People with Spinal Cord Injuries Obtain Housing

November 1, 2019


The CILB is proud to announce a new grant that will help people with spinal cord injuries obtain housing in Broward County. The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation’s funding decisions are driven by our core values: Excellence, Leadership, Accountability, Innovation and Collaboration. 

The program will increase the number of individuals with spinal cord injury and physical disabilities to remain in their homes, find employment, gain financial freedom and live independently. The expansion will allow the organization to renovate ten additional apartment homes and make them accessible for people living with spinal cord injuries. They will do so by removing physical barriers and installing smart technology devices to further accessibility in the home.

Educational components of the program help create total independence for people living with spinal cord injuries by increasing opportunities through advocacy, employment, training, and benefits counseling.

The Foundation's portfolios support scientific, charitable and educational organizations conducting spinal cord injury research, training in spinal cord medicine and providing services to assist individuals and families affected by spinal cord injury.

The Center for Independent Living of Broward people with spinal cord injuries looking for assistance. For more information, please call 954-722-6400.

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