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Summer 2019 Edition

Leadership CILB 2019 Advocates Inform People with Disabilities About Hurricane Preparedness

Current Leadership CILB students and alumni celebrate with CILB staff and Board members 
(From L-R: CILB Tech - (Alumni) Isaiah Woon, Kayleena R. (Alumni), Derek W., CILB Receptionist and I&R Specialist - Penny Archie, CILB CEO - Corey Hinds, Lisa S., Kashia C., Alessio M., CILB Board President - Craig Lilienthal, MS; 
Front Row Center: Christina K. (Alumni)
Leadership CILB is a special opportunity for individuals with disabilities in Broward County with the objective to create ambassadors and advocates within our disability community. The program is hosted by the Center for Independent Living of Broward and facilitated by Leadership CILB Program Director, Jene Kapela. This year's project was to inform people with disabilities how to prepare for any hurricane or severe storm. 
The group created a brochure providing detailed information about local resources and tips on how you can stay prepared in the event of a hurricane or storm
This year's class included our own Receptionist and I&R Specialist Penny Archie, Kashia C., Alessio M., Joseph P., Lisa S, and Derek W.
The program's graduation ceremony saw several people attend including alumni, friends, family and staff from the Center for Independent Living of Broward and community partners. Congratulations to all the graduates!
The Center for Independent Living of Broward wishes to thank our corporate sponsor, Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD as well as YOLO for hosting the graduation ceremony.
You can also find more information about the program by going to the Leadership CILB Facebook page.
If you would like to sign up for our next Leadership CILB program, you may follow this link or contact the Center for Independent Living of Broward at 954-722-6400 / 
TTY: 954-735-0963.

Historic Stranahan House Museum Builds App To Help People With Disabilities See Property

The Historic Stranahan House Museum's New In-House App Allows People With Any Disability to Share The Experience of Being There
The Center for Independent Living of Broward staff participated in a year-long collaboration with the Historic Stranahan House Museum in Downtown Fort Lauderdale and Leadership Broward. 
The Museum was originally built over a century ago. However, due to its inaccessibility, people with certain disabilities had trouble accessing parts of the property.
The museum staff worked with several people including the Deberi Group, Leadership Broward and the Center for Independent Living of Broward and other community members. 
The Center was provided a tour and gave feedback about accessibility and ways to improve upon it while maintaining the historical landmark status. The goal was to create an in-house app to assist people with disabilities. The app serves to alleviate the problem by showcasing every room of the house. As a result, all people with disabilities should be able to access every part of the Historic Stranahan House Museum. 
An app launch party was held on May 31 to showcase the Museum's effort to improve inclusiveness. The app will allow for virtual tours, closed captioning and several other languages. The celebration was attended by county commissioners, CILB Board members, CILB staff and the community at-large.
For more information, please contact the Center for Independent Living of Broward at 954-722-6400 / 
TTY: 954-735-0963. You may also contact The Historic Stranahan House Museum at 954-524-4736.

CILB Home Improvement Program Success Story

Jeffrey Morgan Is Happy With The Improvements To His House
The Center for Independent Living of Broward is proud to assist all people with disabilities make their homes more accessible. Year after year, with the help of the State Housing Initiative Partnership program, the Center has had the ability to assist several members of the community live independently. In so doing, they do not need to move into nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
The Center has also helped several Broward County residents with disabilities including Jeffrey Morgan overcome obstacles by removing barriers and making other modifications. Thus, consumers continue to be active members in their community.
The CILB recommended modifications to the bathroom as well as the kitchen. The improvements to Mr. Morgan's accessibility within his home made him quite happy.
The Center is happy to assist Broward County residents with disabilities live their lives to their fullest potential.
If you have an accessibility concern, please contact Director of Housing Bob Davis at the Center for Independent Living of Broward at 954-722-6400, ext. 128 or email him at 

Summer Program Connects Youth to Workforce

The Center for Independent Living of Broward is re-launching a program during the summer of 2019 to teach local youth about the workforce. This six to eight week program will teach 14 - 21-year-olds in the community about what it takes to obtain and retain a job.
The CILB intends to introduce teens and young adults with disabilities to the workforce during the "Jobs For Youth" program. Through the assistance of the Youth Services Coordinators, they will participate in soft-skill training and a work experience for 6 - 8 weeks.
Last year's program was a great success. The goal is to increase work-based learning experiences by strengthening links between the business community, nonprofits, schools and post-secondary institutions to match these youth to
opportunities so they can learn valuable work skills.
For more information, call Director of Programs Brian Johnson at 954-722-6400, ext. 130 or email him at

Actress With Mobility Impairment Wins Tony Award and Represents Disability Community

Ali Stroker is an actress currently starring in the Broadway revival of "Oklahoma!" playing Ado Annie. She made history at this year's Tony Awards. Ms. Stroker became the first person who uses a wheelchair to win the prestigious honor for Featured Actress in a Musical.
She had a message for everyone watching who uses a wheelchair.
"This award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena - you are."
The Center for Independent Living of Broward strives to send the same message in our community. Thus, one of the many services that we offer is peer counseling.
Peer counseling groups offer a forum for consumers to share their experiences with one another, teach one another how to access resources, and share strategies for solutions to disability related issues. We also organize and sponsor groups with similar disabilities so individuals can share their concerns, issues, and ideas with one another.
For more information, please contact the Center for Independent Living of Broward at 954-722-6400 / 
TTY: 954-735-0963.

CILB and CareerSource Broward Assist With Hurricane Relief

If you or someone you know has spent money repairing or replacing damaged, disability-related medical equipment and/or devices as a result from Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Maria, you may be eligible for reimbursement through CareerSource Broward's Disability Disaster Grant. Medical equipment covered under the grant includes wheelchairs, hearing aids, electronic devices, glasses and more. The application deadline is September 14, and the funds are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The Center for Independent Living of Broward reminds you that we are here to assist people with disabilities get the resources they need for hurricane preparation.
For more information or assistance with applying, please call the Center for Independent Living of Broward at (954) 722-6400 / TTY: 954-735-0963.


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