Board of Directors and Staff


Board of Directors

The Center for Independent Living of Broward is govern by a 11 member Board of Directors that is comprised of 51% or more of persons with disabilities who are community leaders. The Board of Directors provides strategic direction in partnership with the Executive Director to carry out the Center’s mission and goals. 

The Center for Independent Living of Broward Board Members are:

Craig Lilienthal, President

Shea Smith, Treasurer

Laurie Menekou, Secretary

Christopher Sharp, Board Member

David Bernstein, Board Member

Jeffrey Daniel, Board Member

Debra Oistacher, Board Member

Patricia Kennedy, Board Member

James Anderson, Board Member

Glenn West, Board Member

Ryan Gebauer, Board Member


Our Staff

The Center for Independent Living of Broward (CILB) has a staff committed to serving people with disabilities of all ages.  CILB staff’s expertise comprise of advocacy, information and referral, peer support, and independent living skills training.  With a majority of staff who have a disability, consumers experience first-hand a life fulfilled with possibilities.  

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